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After putting out a fire in a tire depot, a couple of firemen are going to get it on before heading back to the station. They get out of their gear and start to suck immediately. Just-In has a nice round ass and his partner is all over it! Soon he's going to square of in it with some serious hardcock. Right there in a stack of tires, he's going to plow that…

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Our extremely well pull-together inner city dude has found himself a twink who's hungry for cock! This is going to happen all night long!…

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Safir and his cellmate are doing some forced labor outside the prison. Watched by a guard as young as them, they trap him in the river and…

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These French twinks are hot! Eating pizza between pals, Matias drops his fork. Under the table he get a friend's cock out and starts to…

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Evan Pamish is a real estate magnate. He has a meeting with Enzo Lacombes, an architect and childhood friend. The 2 are wearing suits and…

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Despite being handsome, tender and smiley Ludo is a anus basher! Clément, thin and young, is going to pay the full price especially when Ludo slides his ass 3 fingers before barebacking him into next week! Clément squeals with delight as he pounds him then fills his ass full of cum! He's a bit overwhelmed by all that fuck power and his thin body is going…

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Presenting our most shocking vid yet! You'll be more excited than ever! This is a scene where the so-called rape scene looks like the real…

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There's a new recruit in the barracks! Bach and his crony, with camera in tow, are set on training him the way things are done in the 3rd…

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These two 20 year olds are going to go to Toulouse for a weekend 100% ASS! To check out the territory they test the hotel room's bed...…

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He just got finished fucking when Bruno gets a call from some horny friends who want them to come over and orgy. They go to an empty house…

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In an abandoned house, our 6 guys are going to go crazy. They get out those condoms and have and ass bashing festival! They literally suck…

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He won't even get to talk about his last vacation to his 2 friends. Straight off they get on the couch and start gobbling cock! In this…

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It's 6pm and Eric comes home to find his boyfriend still in bed. Handsome Andem is still a big groggy as his man wakes him up tenderly.…

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Here something you don't see everyday in a basement in Paris. 2 young dudes of 22 or 23 years of age, completely hairless, equiped with…

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